Why Brandan Borgos?

Minnesota Needs Evolving Leadership

The Attorney General's office has been under DFL leadership for the past 40 years. Like any office, it is necessary from time to time to undergo an evolution in leadership. Fresh perspectives, innovative strategies, and a commitment to community engagement will ensure the continued protection of Minnesotans' rights.

I am dedicated to ensuring that Minnesotan agencies which turn to the Attorney General's office for assistance maintain the highest standards of operations, rule-making, and legislative actions. I am passionate about ensuring they protect every citizen's privacy and civil liberties as these are all too often infringed upon in the name of efficiency by those who are ethically obligated to serve Minnesotan citizens.

How My Leadership Philosophy Is Different

Whether we are leaders of countries or just our household we all adopt leadership strategies inspired by our wider philosophies. Below are a few of the values that I will bring to the Attorney General's Office.

Transparency: In order for the Attorney General to serve the people of Minnesota it is necessary to eliminate unnecessary red tape and end hiding data that should be available for public records.

Community: Decisions and planning done by the Attorney General's office must reflect dedication to building community partnerships with leaders.

Protecting Civil Rights: Legal decisions and actions should always be evaluated from a person-centered approach to ensure that the civil rights afforded by the Constitution are protected