Why Support Brandan Borgos for Attorney General?

Q: How do you make government better?
A: This campaign intends to bring these values to the AG's office:

  • Transparency & Accountability: This office is shrouded in secrecy. We need to know what our government is doing so we know what we are doing as citizens of the state.
  • Compassion: Compassion keeps the law rooted in justice. Those of us called to administer justice must never forget its highest purpose: human dignity.
  • Civil Rights: The Minnesota Attorney General’s office should interject itself into places where law enforcement oversteps its boundaries and should hold governmental officials to the same standard as the people they represent and serve.
  • Break the Norm: Run for AG: Early in life, I developed the sharp desire to help people wronged by the misuse of authority. It didn’t seem like the same rules applied to those with power.

New Debate Videos

KSTP hosted a debate on the Attorney General's office which aired Sunday Nov. 2. [Watch in full]

KSTP Debate: Against cannabis prohibition & for protecting medical caregivers (2mins)

Scott Newman denied in debate he assured GOP delegates he'd be their instrument. I called him out. (1min)

MN Attorney General should be the People's Lawyer, Walter Mondale style (35 sec)

Minnesota Needs Evolving Leadership

The Attorney General's office has been under DFL leadership for the past 40 years. Fresh perspectives, innovative strategies, and a commitment to community engagement will ensure the continued protection of Minnesotans' rights. I am dedicated to ensuring that Minnesota's state agencies which turn to the Attorney General's office for assistance maintain the highest standards of operations, rule-making, and legislative actions. I am passionate about ensuring they protect every citizen's privacy and civil liberties as these are all too often infringed upon.

How My Leadership Philosophy Is Different

Responsible governance at the office of the Minnesota Attorney General needs to be oriented around key principles. Below are a few of the values that I will bring to the Attorney General's Office. Transparency: In order for the Attorney General to serve the people of Minnesota it is necessary to eliminate unnecessary red tape and end the practice of obscuring data that should be easily available as public records. Community: Decisions and planning done by the Attorney General's office must reflect dedication to building community partnerships with community leaders across the state. Protecting Civil Rights: Legal decisions and actions should always be evaluated from a person-centered approach to ensure that the civil rights afforded by the Constitution are protected.

Education & Experience

I grew up in northern Minnesota in Cloquet and attended college at St. John's University in Collegeville in 2003. I spent the next two years working for Northwest Airlines navigating complex multi-carrier rules and another two as a corporate trainer at a shipping supplies company responsible for educating employees on thousands of products.

I was called to jury duty and decided then to attend law school at the University of St. Thomas, School of Law in Minneapolis. I graduated with my J.D. in 2010 and opened my own law practice while assisting the nonprofit, MN NORML, as board chair.

I also worked within electronic discovery where I was exposed to patent law, data breaches, pharmaceutical, class action, mergers and acquisitions, and other cases. I have also managed a team of attorneys in the discovery process of a licensing dispute case heard by the Supreme Court of the United States.

More issues and info

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